Best Bars in Brussels 

Authors: Jane Frippiat, Amelia Keymeulen

Image: Robin Vanpée en Jane Frippiat

It may not always seem so, but spring started a few weeks ago. Exams are coming up, but they are still far away enough to enjoy a pint or three on a terrace with friends. Do you feel like you are always going to the same places? Look no further! De Moeial members have compiled a list of their favourite bars in Brussels. Schol!


Frit Cocq

Situated at Place Fernand Cocq 12, 1050 Ixelles. 

Located in-between Flagey and Porte de Namur, this bar is probably just one sight among many on your 71 bus drive from campus to Central Station. We advise you to give this cosy area a try by stopping for a beer at Frit Cocq. This bar is especially enjoyable during summer, but even during winter you will always find people, every day of the week. The drinks are cold and the fries are plentiful.

Café Lava 

Situated at rue Saint-Christophe 20, 1000 Bruxelles. 

Café Lava, a staple bar in Brussels for students, also deserves a place on this list. Prices are adapted to our budget, and a fun evening is guaranteed in this bar on the border between the busy Saint-Géry and the Dansaert area. 


Sounds Jazz Club

Situated at 28 Rue de la Tulipe, 1050 Ixelles. 

This might not be your first idea of an ideal student night out, but if you are up to something different, this hidden spot is the perfect option. The jazz club is open every day, except for Mondays and Sundays. We advise going on Wednesdays, when entrance is free and the stage is taken over by jam sessions. 


Goupil le Fol

Situated at 22 rue de la Violette, 1000 Bruxelles. 

When walking through rue de la Violette, you might walk past this bar without noticing it. But dare to enter, and you will discover a very cosy interior. Perfect for a (first) date; ambient atmosphere and a kiss guaranteed. 


Au Soleil

Situated at Rue du Marché au Charbon 86, 1000 Bruxelles.

This bar may be located very centrally, but is hidden at the intersection of two calm streets and offers a large outdoor seating area where you can enjoy a drink au soleil. The prices are very welcoming. If that is not enough to convince you, then surely the church next door which you might walk past if you aren’t aware of its existence (with swings inside!), is worth a visit. Perfect for those who had one too many to ask for forgiveness.


Mappa Mundo

Situated at Rue du Pont de la Carpe 2/6, 1000 Bruxelles. 

Are you looking for a centrally located bar in a busy area? Look no further. In Mappa Mundo, a two-storybar, you can  disappear into a cosy mass of people. The (pretty loud – bring your earplugs) music will help you to block out all impending school tasks or errands to run.


Situated at  Antoine Dansaertstraat 6, 1000 Brussel

Perfect for a boujee night out with friends, or a date. Although maybe not the first one. While not a student bar, 30+ year olds on an escalated after work are much crazier than you’d assume.The beautiful art-deco interior instantly makes you forget about your budget. Take a seat upstairs and watch this cosy jazz-bar turn into a dancing-on-tabletops kind of place with live bands often playing on the weekends. Fun night guaranteed!


Café Caberdouche 

Situated at Place de la Liberté, 8, 1000 Bruxelles

Somewhat out of the city centre, you’ll find Café Caberdouche on the often buzzing Place de la Liberté. Take a seat outside, order one of many craft beers or biological wines on the menu and take in the surroundings of this peaceful place. Great stop before or after a concert at Botanique or Cirque Royale. This spot offers a nice mashup between students and afterworkers. 


Café Bastoche

Situated at Boondaalsesteenweg 473, 1050 Elsene


Located at the heart of the bustling Cimitière Ixelles-quarter, Café Bastoche is a staple for students of VUB and ULB alike. Stop by during one of their famous happy hours from 17h – 18h and 21h30 – 22h30, and order a cocktail for only around six euros. If you’re getting hungry, this bar offers meals – and most notably great spaghetti bolognaise – at very affordable prices. 


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